A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Picross Makeout League:
Dating. Puzzles. Superheroes. Date a puzzle piece.

Welcome to Picross Makeout League! As the puzzle-themed supergroup's newest member, Picross Girl, you'll have to work hard to impress your cute co-workers/co-superheroes. And then date them!

It's a dating sim meets puzzle game – more romantic than Candy Crush, less problematic than any game on Newgrounds!

  • Puzzles! You see the world as puzzles because it's your superpower. Visualize and solve your life's problems as Picross puzzles – how easy!
  • Superheroes! You have superpowers, therefore you are a superhero. Other characters have their own puzzle-themed powers and costumes.
  • Dating! Other characters are very cute and interested in you! Why not date the physical embodiment of Sudoku, or Chess? Why not date a giant floating puzzle piece

Created for the #iluJam 2017

Get the free soundtrack here: consolenaut.bandcamp.com


Design, Writing
James Johnston | @ViewtifulJames

Brett Davis | @wiz_warrior

Character Design, Art
Missy Henderson | @melissaahenders

Lexie Oberwetter | @LexGetDangerous

Neon Shudder | @neonshudder

Additional Art


pml-win64.zip 67 MB
pml-mac64.zip 70 MB
pml-linux64.zip 73 MB


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i see this was a reaction to “Date a Fidget Spinner”

The concept and writing it really cute. I like the designs of the Picross part, but the mechanics still need some work. It needs a click and drag function for those long fills. I'm looking forward to the full game eventually