Arrow keys -- 
Move, make menu selections
Z -- Start game, talk, advance dialogue, interact, pick a menu option, all that good stuff

Enter an 8-bit modern fantasy world of humans, ogres, vampires, and people who only listen to vinyl. You are Bardle, a young record shop employee who dreams of winning the "Battle of the Bards" contest. Finish your shift already and get over to the club where your rival, Rivale, awaits. And let loose the song that lives deep within your heart, mighty warrior!


  • Playable right from your browser
  • Open world design
  • Thrilling battle system with 3 musical attacks
  • Minimum wage job
  • Built in GB Studio; fully playable on Game Boy hardware and Analogue Pocket
  • Made from Jan 21-23, 2022 as part of a switcheroo game jam


Programming & Design -- Lex
Art -- Brax
Additional Art -- James
Town Design -- Brax
Music & Sound Effects -- James
Special Thanks (Battle System) -- Lazy Dev Games

Install instructions

You can also play The Vinyl Countdown on Game Boy hardware! This download features two files— a .gb rom for emulators/flash carts, and a .pocket file for use on Analogue Pocket!


Download 237 kB

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